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Google Penguin 3.0 Update due any day.  Are you ready?

Penguin and SEO Company

What to do/What not to do

Link Building Techniques to Avoid

  • Here are some old link building techniques that have been consigned to the garbage pile.
  • Article spinning to try to fool Google into thinking you are posting lots of unique content – gone!
  • Placing articles on low quality directories (or multiple submissions to those same directories) – gone!
  • Multiple social bookmarking, fake social media accounts and other black hat SEO techniques – gone!
  • Comment spamming—not that you would do this but you wouldn’t believe some of the tactics people will use on your behalf – totally gone!
  • Using the same anchor text link on multiple articles or posts or even press releases – sayonara, baby!

Managing Bad Links

  • DO use the Google Disavow Links tool to get Google to ignore any poor quality links that you find.
  • DO use Google Webmaster Tools to see if Google has flagged any issues with your site, then fix them and submit a reconsideration request.
  • DO stop comment spammers from linking to you with plugins like GASP.

Link Building in 2014 – What to do

  • DO offer yourself as an expert source for other people’s posts, interviews, white papers and more. Use tools like HARO or MuckRack to find opportunities and make connections. That’s great for building your authority, too.
  • DO focus on local search by setting up your Google+ Local profile and getting listings in local directories. That makes you immediately relevant to the new on-the-go consumer sector.
  • DO guest post on high quality sites that are relevant to your business.
  • DO build links by leaving useful comments on high quality sites.
  • DO encourage other high quality sites to provide honest reviews of your products and services.

Content Marketing & SEO

Who first said “Content is King”?

It was of course William Henry “Bill” Gates III, erstwhile of Microsoft®, in an essay of the same title, back in 1996.  A good content is a great marketing strategy, and great content is-

  • What good is great content if no one can find it? How useful is findable content when it doesn’t engage and persuade?
  • The only thing worse than no SEO at all, is ALL SEO.
  • More content isn’t better unless it’s meaningful and findable.

Sarah McGraw 

Sarah McGraw is working as a part time link builder and content writer but she is mainly focusing on building and analyzing SEO strategies to develop new SEO techniques that will last longer in SEO industry. Feel free to reach him out on



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